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Why Security Services for Retail Stores & Shopping Malls is of Crucial Importance

Security Services for Retail Stores & Shopping Malls is of Crucial Importance Shopping malls and retail stores have special considerations when it comes to designing effectual security strategies. Tenants, consumers, employees, walkers, and diners are more likely to be return consumers if they feel a sense of safety and security. Furthermore, unwanted incidents that could […]

Healthcare and Hospital Security Services to Ensure Safety

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most occupied public places in the United States, and as most healthcare facilities maintain an open-door policy, they are vulnerable to criminal activity if left unprotected.  Benefits of Hospital & Healthcare Security Guards Dedicated and responsible healthcare security guards play an imperative role in protecting the often […]

The Value of Assisted Care Security Services

Assisted Care Facilities present a unique challenge in security. Families want their loved ones to live in a place that is safe. Residents need to live as independently as possible, with the freedom to move around as they are able, and to have visitors. The facility and staff have the duty to protect the residents […]

The Importance of Parking Lot Security

Up to 80% of crime that occurs in or on public facilities happens in the parking lot. Among the most common parking lot crimes are vehicle break-ins, vandalism, and muggings. If your clients or customers do not feel safe parking and walking to your facility, they are more likely to take their business somewhere else […]

When to Hire a Bicycle Patrol Officer

Whether it’s a special event or a daily route, adding a bicycle patrol officer to your security team has many benefits. It’s good for business, it’s good for overall safety, and hiring a bicycle patrol officer is an environmentally friendly decision. If you have large premises, a security officer on a bicycle should be on […]

What a Foot Patrol Officer Can Do for Your Business

We can all imagine the neighborhood patrol officer out on their scheduled beat. But what does a foot patrol officer really provide for a business? A lot more than we may consciously realize. A well-trained foot patrol officer can change a community, be a safe-haven for those in need of help, or simply be a […]

The Importance of Uniformed Security Guards

One of the most efficient ways to keep a location safe and secure is to have a uniformed security guard on site. The uniform itself plays a very important role in ensuring safety as it sets an officer apart from the general public as an individual in a position of authority. However, the real benefit […]

Security Guard Service Contract in Baytown, TX

IGS is proud to announce we have secured a security contract in Baytown, TX.  We are securing 3 school construction sites. Having security at construction sites can eliminate theft from your site.  It’s recommended to obtain a security guard service when installing anything with copper.  Theft is most likely to occur at this stage in […]

Security Guard Services in Houston

IGS has landed multiple contracts in East Houston over the past couple of weeks.  We are providing security guard services to multiple businesses supporting the Energy Industry. Our security guard services in Houston has shown a tremendous amount of growth in 2013 and we expect to double and or triple our growth in 2014.  This growth is […]

Security Guard Services

International Guard Services is proud to announce that we have added another contract in the Manvel, TX area.  We will be providing access control services, patrol services and maintenance and safety checks. So far, our employees have been doing a great job and we are very proud to be working with such professional security officers.