Off-Duty Police Officers


When it comes to hiring security services, it is important to know that you are working with experienced, highly-trained officers whose top priority is protection and safety.  Because police officers are exposed to various security risks and threats, off-duty officers may be your best choice of private security.  These certified, trained professionals are sharp and highly-skilled for any situation. IGS contracts exclusively with commissioned active duty police officers to serve and protect your life, your business and your property.


We believe some of the best security available comes from real policemen and women. Organizations seeking to hire off-duty officers for one-time events or continuous assignments can trust International Guard Services to provide well-trained and active duty law enforcement.


Officers are held to the same high standards and accountability as if they were on-duty. When you hire an off-duty police officer through IGS, you are guaranteed a law enforcement professional with the skills to handle difficult situations in a professional manner.

All off-duty police officers are assigned based on their training, experience and qualifications.  Police officers carry a commission with various agencies such as the City Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, Constables Office and the Department of Public Safety (State Police).

Why hire an off-duty police officer?


Policemen and women go through a significant amount of training before they earn a badge, and their training continues as their careers progress.  These professionals use their practice every day on the job and they are constantly being reviewed so to meet the standards of their department.


Police Officers have a thorough understanding of law, because they enforce the law.  This can eliminate problems that may arise when dealing with the public. Knowing you have a professional not only trained in the law, but also able to enforce the law will assure your safety and security needs are well cared for.


Police officers have credibility as an officer, the authority to use their training, and the ability to execute any necessary security measures safely and swiftly. They are motivated by crime prevention, prioritize public safety, and know how to react in an emergency.  With their superior training and experience, police officers can do more to protect you and our business.


Depending on your needs, the off-duty law enforcement officer can be in plain-clothes, business attire, or in their law enforcement agency uniform.

Hire an off-duty officer for services such as:

-Security escorts

-Traffic control

-Hospital and Healthcare facility security

-Event security

-Foot patrol

-Gated community security services

-Security for retail stores, construction projects, warehouse, financial institutions, commercial office buildings, and more

-Vehicle patrols

-Executive security

-And more!


International Guard Services is built on three generations of security and law enforcement experience. Count on International Guard Services when you need security services.  We are a licensed and insured company dedicated to arranging a security detail that best matches each client’s needs. We provide security services for a variety of industries and settings. Talk to us about your needs and let us help provide security services you can trust.


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