Assisted Care Security Services

Patient care and security are the most important concern of an assisted care facility.  While the crime rate is relatively low, keeping an attentive eye on tenants can be more than a full time job.  Adding a security officer to the premises of your assisted living facility can ensure the safety of all residents.

At International Guard Services our officers will ensure that residents are not wandering through the grounds of your facility in areas where they can harm themselves.  Our officers will monitor the predetermined entrance/exit of the facility so not to allow tenants to leave without permission, as well as to regulate all of the traffic coming in and out of the building.

Along with protective front door services, our security officers will also conduct regular tours of your facility inside and out to ensure a safe environment is maintained International Guard Services provides your facility with only the most professional, well trained officers.  We take pride in the high level of background checks and training our officers partake in before we put them onto a job site.

Assisted Care Security Services Include:

  • Customized post specific orders
  • 24 hour front door surveillance
  • Electronic activity reports
  • Full facility patrols
  • Monitoring of guest flow through facility
  • Daily activity logs
  • Crime prevention on security grounds

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