Professional Security Guard Services in Houston

International Guard Services is an exceptional company that can provide their clients with the right security guard and protection solutions in Houston and the surrounding regions.

IGS is owned by Tim Wilson who is a former law enforcement officer in Houston, TX and he understands the growing need for security. Mr. Wilson has a very good relationship with many different police agencies in Texas and uses this to his advantage when providing security.

At IGS our number one priority is officer safety and training to assure our clients are receiving the best security guard service in the Houston Metro area. Learn more about the types of officers we place here.

IGS currently provides security guard services to the following industries:

Types of Security Guard Patrols:

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Law enforcement simply cannot take a proactive approach like security guards because they have approximately 600 square miles to protect, when security officers usually have only one property to focus on.  Being visible is one of the most important parts of the security officers post orders.  Criminals are constantly searching for soft targets and having a security officer on property immediately makes your business a hard target.  Security guards can also respond and or report incidences quicker meaning less property damage, theft and in most cases catching the criminal.

Call International Guard Services for more information and or a proposal for security guard services.  Our security guard company in Houston, TX  currently provides commissioned security officers (armed officers), non-commissioned security officers (unarmed officers) and off-duty police officers.  Our officers are thoroughly screened, trained and managed. Our primary goal is to reach our clients security objectives while providing peerless customer service.