Retail, Service, and Mall Security Services

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Retail shopping centers and malls must maintain a safe environment and protect their customers while deterring theft and catching perpetrators. IGS' retail, service, and mall security services are designed to increase customer and employee safety while reducing theft.

We deliver a powerful -- but approachable -- security presence to deter criminal activity while addressing customer service related needs and directions.  Our security officers are prepared to meet your high expectations for retail security management and will help limit your facility's risk and liability.

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Reduce Theft & Increase Overall Mall Security

Our loss prevention investigators and security officers also work with retailers, malls and the service industry to prevent theft and shrinkage. For large facilities such as mall, we typically approach security with a multi-method system such as:

  • Highly visible uniformed security officers deter thieves by performing patrols on foot or in a highly visible and marked patrol vehicle.
  • Professional loss prevention investigators wearing plain clothes detect and respond to thieves “on the ground”.
  • CCTV operators can direct the investigators and security personnel to approach shop-lifters and thieves, while at the same time contacting law enforcement for assistance.

A complete team like the one in this example can be operated and managed by one company ensuring all personnel are on the same page and operating cohesively.

Our Security Company Provides:

  • Highly trained loss prevention investigators
  • Armed and unarmed security officers
  • Highly marked and professional patrol vehicles
  • Experienced CCTV operators
  • Customer service security officers
  • Experience and techniques to reduce theft and shrinkage

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