International Guard Services provides world-class guard services to a variety of industries and client types.  We provide professional security officers to Industrial and Warehouse Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Educational Facilities, Office and Commercial Buildings, Retail Centers, Parking Lots and more.  IGS has the experience to perform access control, dispatch, monitor cameras, console operations, various patrols (Bike, Foot) and rapid response.
We pride ourselves in providing the client with exceptional customer service no matter how big or small the account may be.  We follow up our customer service with highly trained and professional security officers.  Our security guards go through a professional officer program, in addition to state mandated training, so that our officers are knowledgeable about there role in our clients facility.  We also follow up with exceptional supervisors that will make random visits to each account and perform a random audit.
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Our supervisors and security guards are trained and tested on the nuances of each industry's unique security concerns to ensure effective security, as well as the best overall experience for our clients, our clients' employees, neighborhood residents, and visitors.  After passing a rigorous hiring process each officer must pass the state mandated training as well as our professional security officer training program.  We also have approximately 1,300 courses to choose from when designing a training program relevant to your facility. Our goal is to keep our clients satisfied and to provide the best customer service possible.

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