Executive Security Services


International Guard Services proudly provides top-notch executive security services.


Security environments often require security officers to both welcome and protect. International Guard Services executive uniform options provide a sophisticated and professional appearance to enhance any visitor-friendly security program while providing the utmost safety to high-profile individuals, companies, CEOs and executives, celebrities, dignitaries, government officials, people of affluence and those most vulnerable to security threats.


What is Executive Security?

Executive protection is a very specialized security.  Created by the US Secret Service in the 1970s, executive protection, also known as “close protection” is security protection for people who may be at risk because of their social status, net worth, geographical location or affiliations. IGS executive security protection is trained to protect high-profile people and businesses while keeping a low-profile.  Executive security professionals can accommodate the need for a high visibility uniformed presence or a plain clothes detail.


Why use executive security services?

Executive security is not bodyguard protection. Executive security is a far more advanced and sophisticated type of security detail which utilizes a high-level skill set. It is important for this specialized type of security to have a wide range of expertise in many areas. Executive security may assist in anything from answering phones, creating files on a computer, to administering first aid or protecting during a crisis. It is important to have a well-trained professional and IGS works with only the best in the industry.


IGS can assure you executive security specialists who have qualifications in: military experience and training, proficiency with firearms, highly effective writing and communication and listening skills, sound judgement and decision making skills, computer literacy, impeccable driving ability and defensive driving skills, knowledge and experience customer service, investigations, self-defense and often experience in martial arts. Our executive security are physically fit and have a smart appearance. It is a complex role in a highly specialized field.

IGS executive protection service providers, are professionals who:

  • Consistently run risk analysis
  • Have plans and policies in place for safe travel
  • Offer high-level protection
  • May evaluate the security of computers or mobile devices
  • Are properly prepared, and capable of adapting to any unique situation
  • May keep clients informed of scams and cyber attacks
  • Are a proactive intelligence to identify both probable and possible threats
  • Provide secure transportation
  • Screen mail
  • Can use home security systems and surveillance
  • Know, understand and employ other safety measures


International Guard Services is built on three generations of security and law enforcement experience. Count on International Guard Services when you need security services.  We are a licensed and insured company dedicated to arranging a security detail that best matches each client’s needs. We provide security services for a variety of industries and settings. Talk to us about your needs and let us help provide security services you can trust.


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