Why choose IGS as Your Security Guard Services?

At International Guard Services, we believe that providing a professional and competent security officer is equally important as providing peerless customer service.  Our management team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns, and we strive to deliver the best security guard services to our valued clients. 

Every account is regularly managed and audited by our team of security professionals.  We perform post inspections and performance reviews daily to ensure we are reaching your security objectives.  Direct access to upper management means changes and or updates are implemented immediately.  We value every customer and strive to provide the best customer service experience in our industry.




Our hiring process is what makes the difference. At International Guard Services, we hand-pick security officers that fit your security post. Each officer is put through a rigorous hiring process that includes (2) one on one interviews with different management personnel, aptitude testing, drug and alcohol testing and FBI fingerprint background checks. 

After the officer is extended an offer to work for IGS, we make sure all state mandated training is complete and then provide additional post specific training.  All officers go through a FTO (Field Training Officer) program to ensure all post orders are performed and questions are answered, and that we are reaching your security objectives.







Our company has three generations of security, investigations, and Texas law enforcement experience under its belt. IGS has consulted and trained security providers across the US and in many countries. Our clientele ranges from dignitaries to industrial facilities, and everything in between. Learn more about the types of security we offer.



Unarmed security officers are excellent for monitoring property and buildings with low-level danger. They do not carry firearms, though they may wield non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, tasers or a baton. Having an unarmed officer on your property is often sufficient to prevent most crimes and they provide an added measure of safety and piece of mind for residents, patrons, and property owners.




Our armed security team works to keep you, your customers, your employees and your property safe 24/7. An armed officer will be your front-line protection and ensure that your property or event remains secure from criminal activity. All of our armed officers are highly trained and experienced.




This is a very specialized form of security and is often known as “close protection,” as it’s a security officer who is there to protect a person that may be at risk due to their social status, net worth, personal affiliations, and so forth. An executive security guard will keep a subtle, low-profile while protecting someone with a high-profile. We offer the most highly skilled and trained executive security officials in Texas.




Our mobile patrol units provide security and surveillance for your property, company, employees and residents at a much faster pace than a security officer on foot. Whether in a patrol car, ESV or on a bicycle, our mobile safety guards are extremely beneficial to preventing possible acts of crime due to their being more highly visible and mobile.




Alarms come in handy when they alert you to a potential break-in or crime activity, but once that alarm is triggered, you’ll want to ensure someone is notified and responding right away. Our control center will receive a signal that the alert was activated, and a highly trained security officer will immediately respond to the alarm, verify if the activation was accidental or not, and determine if any back-up law enforcement needs to be dispatched.




If you’re in need of private security, an off-duty police officer may be the perfect choice for you considering the extent of their training and knowledge, as well as their constant exposure to safety threats and security risks. Even though they are considered off-duty, these officers are still held to the same high-standards and level of accountability as though they were on active duty. 

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