Gated Community Security Services

International Guard Services takes pride in being your gated community’s guardians and ambassadors with extremely professional security officers trained to recognize and report concerning situations.

IGS offers reliable and experienced gated community security services at competitive rates throughout the State of Texas. We understand that when residents choose to live in a gated community security, safety, and privacy are of the utmost importance. While a gate acts as a valuable physical and psychological barrier for criminals, any gate is only as strong as its ability to restrict criminals.

The Value of Officer-Gated Security

By elevating your gated community to a officer-gated community, you proactively help protect residents from burglary, vandalism, fire, and theft, reduce crime and liability concerns, improve resident retention, and increase your property value.

Trained for Gated Community Security

IGS security officers are specifically trained to provide security for gated communities and homeowner associations, which translates to a balance between friendly customer service and highly visible, effective security.

We are experts in surveillance, resident verification, guest registration, alarm monitoring and response, parking enforcement, periodic or random mobile patrols, lock up and alarm, fire watch, and emergency response. Additionally, your security officers can monitor any shared space such as a pool or clubhouse, closely follow post orders, and provide daily reports to management about activities inside and outside your gated community.

Prior to hiring them, all of our officers complete a rigorous security training program, receive ongoing instruction, pass thorough background checks, and are screened for drugs and alcohol.

Customized Security Plan

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International Guard Services will design a customized security plan for your gated community property that fully integrates security services with access control systems, alarms, perimeter fencing, and surveillance.

We offer emergency, short-term officers, and long-term uniformed officers who can either be armed or unarmed. Whenever possible, we encourage consistent placement of our officers so they can grow familiar with your residents and environment in order to build trust and make it easier to identify suspicious persons or activities.

Additionally, when requested, we can account for an officer’s location, activities, and movements while on duty using a security wand system.

Residential Gated Community Security Service Include:

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
  • Access Control
  • Lobby Concierge Services
  • Video Surveillance

  • CPR/First Aid
  • Mobile Vehicle/Bike Patrol
  • Resident verification
  • Guest registration
  • Parking enforcement
  • Lock-up and alarm

  • Fire watch
  • Crime and trespassing deterrence
  • Daily activity logs
  • 24-hour surveillance and officer service

Ready to find out more?

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