Armed Officers

No matter what type of business you own, security will always be a priority. Our armed security team keeps your customers, employees and property safe around the clock. Whether you are running a festival, hosting guests at your hotel or resort, need to keep your property secure, or provide personal protection for you or your employees, our armed security officers are dedicated to protection.

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Why hire armed security officers?

It is important to be ready to deter crime and be safe doing so.  Armed security guards are your front-line protection to your property and/or people on that property. Extensive studies have shown that seeing guards armed with pistols conveys a silent warning to potential criminal activity. Furthermore, psychological studies have shown that when an armed guard is present, the public feels a deep sense of safety, knowing that it is of the ultimate priority.


Hiring an Armed security through International Guard Services, guarantees the utmost deterrent of potential threat to you or your property. Our armed officers are experienced, bound for duty, responsible and managed by a choice team of professionals trained in a similar manner.

We believe that thorough training and preparedness are the keys to preparing out guards for any circumstances that may arise on the job. For this reason, a Commissioned Officer must complete a 30-Hour training program and be awarded a certificate of completion from the board approved security officer training school. Before being hired by IGS, the new hire must pass an extensive interview process that includes an in-depth background investigation and show proficiency with his weapon of choice as well as weapon safety. IGS also practices a drug-free work environment.

When deciding the best type of security for your business, it is important to assess your level of risk. For businesses at a higher risk for criminal activity, armed security is most likely the way to go.  Because armed security guards usually carry a firearm and have been through intensive training to carry a lethal weapon, they are more prepared for high-risk situations.


When you hire an IGS armed security guard, you are hiring a guard that will ensure the well-being of all persons and visitors at the premises, implement safety and security procedures, protect the reputation and stability of your organization all while complying with legal requirements. You can be guaranteed a secure premises, inspection of entry, equipment, buildings and access points. Our armed guards will minimize risk and prevent damage and losses.


Give yourself and your guests peace of mind by hiring an armed guard through IGS.  Our clients are sure to feel confident in the security for any event and every environment. IGS armed guards are highly competent, professional and effective.

Businesses that may benefit from hiring an armed security guard include business that:

  • handle large amounts of money
  • sell or have high-end assets such as jewelry, high-end merchandise
  • located in high-crime areas
  • accommodates large numbers of people
  • hosting events that are highly publicized


International Guard Services is built on three generations of security and law enforcement experience. Count on International Guard Services when you need security services.  We are a licensed and insured company dedicated to arranging a security detail that best matches each client’s needs. We provide security services for a variety of industries and settings. Talk to us about your needs and let us help provide security services you can trust.


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