Warehouse Security

Warehouses contain upwards of millions of dollars’ worth of product.  Leaving these products without security is asking for theft.  Warehouses must have proper security to prevent criminal activity, especially overnight and during shift change.  With so many vehicles entering and exiting the premises it is essential to ensure no product is leaving the grounds without permission.

How International Guard Services can help:

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At International Guard Services we will work with your facility to come up with the best strategy to ensure 100% security for your employees and products.  Our guards are specifically trained in facility patrols as well as gate access control. Guards can be armed or unarmed and patrol in a multitude of ways from foot patrol to a patrol vehicle. Security officers will secure the main gate of the facility to check in and out all visitors to ensure there is no unaccounted for product leaving.  We will also conduct full security patrols of both the interior and exterior of your facility.  Our guards have all had extensive training and background checks to ensure we are providing you with the highest level of professionalism possible.

Warehouse Security Services Include:

  • Gate access control
  • Daily logs of traffic flowing through the facility
  • Full facility security patrols
  • 24 hour security
  • Theft and vandalism prevention
  • Material watch logs

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