Construction Site Security

Don’t let your site be a target for thieves.  Construction sites are one of the most targeted areas for crime.  There are very valuable building supplies and equipment lying around everywhere and the theft of these items can be detrimental to the cost of construction.  Not only are your materials at risk, without the proper security you are also putting your crew at risk.  Construction sites often do not have gates or barriers to keep intruders out, setting them up for criminal activity.  All of these factors lead to the need for implementing proper security at you site.

What We Can Provide For You:

At International Guard Services we can provide your business with an efficient security presence at your construction site.  Our guards can be armed or unarmed and available 24 hours a day while construction is occurring.  Whether have you a small site only and only desire a foot patrol or a large commercial site and would prefer a patrol vehicle we have something to fit all your needs.  Our guards will perform a multitude of duties.  They are trained to work a front gate to ensure everyone entering and exiting the premises has permission to be there, as well as provide escort services for deliveries and foremen.  Guards will conduct office and perimeter rounds to ensure no one is entering and exiting the facility from any angle.  International Guard Services provides only the best guards for your construction site.  All security officers go through intensive training and background checks before becoming a part of our company.  We understand that for us to succeed we must be providing you with the highest quality of security.

Construction site security includes:

  • Visitor and vehicle job site/gate access control
  • Visitor and VIP escort
  • Site and office security patrol
  • Vehicle and foot patrols
  • Equipment movement/watch log
  • Material watch log
  • Daily activity logs
  • 24-hour guard service