When to Hire a Bicycle Patrol Officer

Whether it’s a special event or a daily route, adding a bicycle patrol officer to your security team has many benefits. It’s good for business, it’s good for overall safety, and hiring a bicycle patrol officer is an environmentally friendly decision. If you have large premises, a security officer on a bicycle should be on a regularly scheduled route to ensure safety.     

Benefits of Having a Bicycle Patrol Officer on Duty

Every member of a private security team plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the premises, and the service that a guard on a bicycle provides is unique and essential in many cases. Establishments or events with large parameters or sensitive neighborhoods can benefit directly from the security a bike patrol officer provides. 

A Consistent Circuit of Security

Though a foot patrol officer is able to address any issues within a constrained amount of space, they are unable to look at the premises with a wider view, simply because it takes time to get from one place to another. An officer on a bicycle, however, can complete a route in about a third of the time it would take an officer on foot. This constant loop of security creates an image of consistent security coverage. Being able to quickly navigate around an establishment or an event provides next-level security at minimal expense. 

Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere with Reliable Surveillance

To create a good business reputation it is important to make sure the atmosphere of the premises is friendly, positive, and professional. A security guard on a bicycle can create this atmosphere. International Guard Services has guards specially trained to improve social and interpersonal skills among the community. It has also been noted that civilians and staff feel less intimidated and more comfortable in the presence of bike patrols as compared to foot or vehicle patrol. It is also noted that the community living nearby the business (or event) doesn’t mind the presence of bike patrol security personnel.

The Element of Surprise to Criminal Offenders

An officer can move quickly through a crowd or around the premises while on a bicycle. They can find short cuts where a patrol car would have very limited mobility in the same situation. This same mobility gives a “stealth” advantage to bike patrols versus patrol vehicles. An officer on a bike is much smaller, quieter, and can go places that are not easily accessible to patrol vehicles. This allows bike patrol security guards to catch criminals by surprise, resulting in curbing criminal activity. A person fleeing from a scene generally can’t outrun an officer on a bike.

An Extra Layer of Security

Security guards on bikes have the added advantage of the full use of their senses. Though a guard watching a surveillance camera or sitting in a vehicle has unique benefits, those guards are limited to the constraints of their position. On a bicycle, security guards are not blocked from any side so they are in a good position to sense any visual, olfactory or audio inconsistencies as compared to security guards sitting in an enclosed space. 

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