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Security Officer Services in Conroe, TX

International Guard Services wins another contract in Conroe, TX!!!  We will be securing a medical facility with highly trained and motivated security guards.  Our responsibilities are to deter criminal activity, maintain order within the facility, access control and investigate suspicious activities. When beginning a new contract it is very important to start it off right.  That’s why IGS is successful in retaining […]

Security Guard Services and Access Control

Access control is vital to all businesses.  From manufacturing facilities to retail centers you must control the access of visitors, potential clientele, and employees.  A simple gate or door with electronic access control is a good start but you need someone to monitor this access point by a security officer for several reasons. Head Count – […]

Security Guards in Houston

Why is there such a demand for security guard services in Houston, TX? Houston is a big city and has a big city crime rate. Law Enforcement simply cannot be proactive when they have to cover approximately 600 square miles. Thieves are smarter than you think. The list could go on for ever. Houston is approximately 600 […]

Security Guard Services in Conroe, TX

International Guard Services WINS NEW CONTRACT in Conroe, TX.  Our security guard company is securing a manufacturing plant with highly motivated and trained security personnel.  Our security officers have gotten off to a great start and we are proud of them for doing a spectacular job.  We have added new security measures to the facility […]