Security Guard Services and Access Control

Access control is vital to all businesses.  From manufacturing facilities to retail centers you must control the access of visitors, potential clientele, and employees.  A simple gate or door with electronic access control is a good start but you need someone to monitor this access point by a security officer for several reasons.

  • Head Count – this applies to all industries but it’s most crucial to industrial properties, incase of an emergency, there needs to be a headcount and it needs to be given to first responders.
  • Visitor Verification – visitors need to be verified and vetted before they enter a property to ensure intellectual property is not compromised
  • Shipping and Receiving – security guards direct deliveries and shipments to the appropriate places on the property
  • Monitoring Access Points – whether security officers are at a industrial property or retail center, the officers can act as a deterrent to potential theft and or apprehend criminals before they exit or enter the property
  • These are just a few reasons, but the list can go on and on.

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