What a Foot Patrol Officer Can Do for Your Business

We can all imagine the neighborhood patrol officer out on their scheduled beat. But what does a foot patrol officer really provide for a business? A lot more than we may consciously realize. A well-trained foot patrol officer can change a community, be a safe-haven for those in need of help, or simply be a familiar face that citizens and employees can rely on.

Benefits of Foot Patrol Officers

Whether you are a large manufacturing facility or a small business, you can benefit from the presence of a security officer on foot. In today’s day and age, security has become a necessity for most companies.

Help Build Positive Relationships in the Community

At a core level, foot patrol is about one-on-one interactions between officers and citizens. An officer on foot is able to immerse themselves into the community to a level that no other form of security officer can. This means they see people face-to-face and have the ability to learn the ins and out of a specific area. They are able to become more interactive with the staff, gaining the trust of all employees and promoting a healthier and safer work environment for everyone involved.

Enhance the Feeling of Safety

Both employees and customers benefit from the assurance of a foot patrol officer. When security is on hand, those in the space are aware of the guard and reassured by their presence. The sight of a security guard on foot is calming and provides reassurance, especially when the security officer is someone who is there day-to-day.

Discourage Crime

The simple sight of a security guard provides a strong deterrent to would-be criminals and criminal activity. Having a security guard that is easily visible provides a warning to anyone who may be considering a devious action.

Foot Patrol Can Recognize Potential Threats

A foot patrol officer who has a familiarity with a space can recognize potential safety hazards, as well as maintenance issues. Because they are trained to act quickly and professionally, they will know when an issue should be handled as an emergency and when to take preventative measures to make sure the emergency doesn’t even happen in the first place.

The officers here at IGS Protection Services are trained security officers who are highly screened by our company before they go into the field. We take pride in the high standards we put on our guards, so that you are getting everything your company needs from them. Call our Houston office at 281-822-6700 to arrange a consultation with our security professionals or submit our short proposal sheet and an IGS representative will contact you shortly.