The Value of Assisted Care Security Services

Assisted Care Facilities present a unique challenge in security. Families want their loved ones to live in a place that is safe. Residents need to live as independently as possible, with the freedom to move around as they are able, and to have visitors. The facility and staff have the duty to protect the residents from disruption, abuse, theft, intruders, and potential violence, while ensuring the most independence possible. This is where Assisted Care Security Services are indispensable.

Benefits of Assisted Care Security Services 

Developing a customized security plan designed in consideration of your facility’s unique population and challenges is crucial to safeguard the premises. Providing a welcoming presence – for residents, their families, and your staff – makes a world of difference. 

Increased Safety of Residents

Resident security is an important concern of an assisted care facility. Security Guards provide a watchful eye and can prevent resident wandering and elopement.  Additionally, the presence and awareness of Security Guards aids the prevention of theft and altercations between residents.

Increased Safety of Staff 

Though Assisted Care Facilities enjoy a relatively low crime rate, keeping an attentive eye on residents is a lot of work. Without Security Guards, resident care staff have to also act as security. The presence of a security guard frees your staff to perform their most important roles of resident care. Guards can prevent or respond promptly to incidents between residents and staff, and better enable staff to focus on their work.

Heightened Awareness of Facility Needs 

Security Guards maintain building security, including 24-hour monitoring of the main entrance, surveilling the grounds inside and out, keeping track of who enters and exits the facility, and responding to alerts for disruption or security threats. Having a well-trained guard conduct routine safety rounds ensures your facility is secure and any issues are noted. 

Screened, Vetted, and Regularly Reviewed 

International Guard Services provides your facility with only the most professional, well-trained officers. IGS takes pride in the high level of background checks and training our officers partake in before we put them onto a job site. They receive extensive training that covers the multi-faceted challenges of the environment and their performance is regularly reviewed to ensure they exceed needs and expectations.

The proactive uniformed security guards here at International Guard Services and our peerless customer service will surpass your expectations for a security service company. Call our Houston office at 281-822-6700 to arrange a consultation with our security professionals or submit our short proposal sheet and an IGS representative will contact you shortly.