The Need for Institutional and Campus Security Services

The Need for Institutional and Campus Security Services

Security plays a pivotal role in educational institution and campus safety, whether for universities, community colleges, or vocational schools. As student populations continue to diversify, there is a significant need to revisit what a hired security officer means to a campus. In many current college climates, these officers are an integral part of creating a safe community conducive to learning and self expression. They must be prepared to confront and diffuse harmful threats that would hinder a campus’ ability to provide a safe place to study, socialize and work. 

Updating Campus Security to Current Day Needs 

Students from differing ethnic and economic backgrounds, first generation college attendees, adults in pursuit of continuing education or new vocations, returning military veterans and even retirees make up student body populations that are more diverse than ever. Once they arrive on a new campus, students and faculty are certain to experience some overwhelm. First contact is often with a security officer, who is relied upon to provide information in a welcoming manner. At IGS, an emphasis on customer service during the training of our guards is of paramount importance, as more is expected of our officers who pride themselves on their keen ability to step into a brand ambassador role. 

Common Problems Security Officers Face on Today’s Campuses 

Gender, Racial & Class Discrimination

New challenges arise on today’s campuses as student bodies, faculty and staff represent so many diverse backgrounds. In addition to being highly alert to suspicious behaviors or threats, our officers must be sensitive to the safety needs of all community members, and establish an environment that prohibits intolerance and harassment due to gender, race and class discrimination. IGS officers can be relied upon to develop good working relationships with students and faculty and to communicate in a positive and effective way. 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

While many colleges have implemented prevention programs to diminish heavy drinking and recreational drug use, illegal drug and alcohol abuse is a continued hazard on most campuses and is often a catalyst to violence. Security officers must be specially trained to identify individuals under the influence of harmful substances. They must also be prepared to restrain or pacify those who would disrupt the peace, or case harm to themselves or others. 

Violence on Campus

Speaking of harm, security officers must also be relied upon to prevent or diffuse violence on campus. A range of incidents varying from rape and physical assault and stalking, to verbal abuse or threatening texts, emails and bullying are of paramount concern to a campus officer. Recent laws require schools to collaborate in preventing these crimes, and to take responsibility for violence on  a school’s premises. Thus, campus security officers must know how to confidently identify, define, respond, report and refer victims for help.

Active Shooter Situations

School shootings are widely feared on campuses, creating the need for special response plans and protocols. Today’s institutions prepare by engaging in active shooter drills, crisis planning and intervention. Security officers can be the primary preventive measure taken against these crimes, and are an essential asset to the school effectively regaining control. Communications with staff, students, community members and media are of paramount importance in restoring balance after a campus has been attacked or threatened. 

IGS Security Provides Peace of Mind 

With growing responsibilities, campus security officers are the eyes and ears of our educational institutions. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your students are under the watch of IGS security can be invaluable, enabling faculty and students to focus all of their attention on academics. Our security company has the experience and ability to work with all levels and sizes of facilities, creating security programs that fit specific budgets, layouts, and security objectives.  

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