Why Assisted Living Facilities Need Security Guards

Why Assisted Living Facilities Need Security Guards

When an estimated 31% of senior citizens with dementia are wandering off their assisted living facilities, security is essential to prevent this from happening. This is just one example of many possible scenarios that support why assisted living facilities need security guards to keep assisted living members safe and protected.

Millions of senior citizens reside in assisted living facilities and nursing homes across the greater Texas area. These facilities are responsible for client safety and compassionate care. In recent years, reported security breaches in nursing homes and assisted living facilities have become more frequent. In intrusion and assault cases, continuing disputes over whether or not facilities have been effectively adhering to federally-mandated guidelines remain an issue. Security cameras are often found to be inoperable, while appropriate staffing and other adequate safety measures are coming up short.

Security Protection for a Resident-Safe Environment 

Security is a vital part of risk management for assisted living communities. Building security measures help keep at-risk residents from wandering away, while also protecting them from unwanted intrusions. But security not only benefits the assisted living facility residents, it also protects visitors and staff. 

Mitigating Violence in Senior Citizen Facilities

In 2015, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a rate of just under 7 violent crime cases per 100 (full-time) workers. Some facilities had higher rates, with employees reporting physical injuries inflicted by residents. Aggression or violence, theft, and missing residents (as a result of negligence) are still among The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety’s top concerns in today’s assisted facilities. While insurance covers some of the associated costs, these losses continue to cost the healthcare industry millions of dollars each year in lawsuits and settlements.

Implementing Security in an Assisted Living Facility

Placing a security officer on the premises of an assisted living facility can help to greatly ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and staff alike. Additionally, the presence of a security guard can help motivate staff to adhere to safety practices when attitudes become lackadaisical. Security officers stationed at entrances and exits regulate traffic while also preventing residents from leaving without permission. Additionally, they prevent residents from wandering the grounds or causing harm to themselves or others. 

8 Security Services Every Assisted Living Facility Should Have: 

  • 24-hour front door surveillance 
  • Customized post specific orders 
  • Full facility patrols 
  • Electronic activity reports 
  • Daily activity logs
  • Monitoring of guest flow through facility 
  • Crime prevention on security grounds

At IGS, we understand choosing an effective security guard company for retirement homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other elderly communities is a process requiring careful consideration. That’s why we make it our top priority to help create peaceful and well-guarded environments for those living and working in elder care. Call our Houston office at 281-822-6700 to arrange a consultation with our security professionals, or submit our short proposal at IGSprotection.com, and an IGS representative will contact you shortly to discuss the best security option for your facility.