The Benefits of Alarm Response Security Services

Most modern alarm systems offer advanced methods of identifying and mitigating  emergency situations for today’s home and business owners. The installation of security alarm response systems (specifically enhanced with security response) can behave much like having a security guard on the premises in the absence of owners.  These alarm systems provide many great benefits. 

It is universally expected that alarms should deter criminal activity, but the right system may prevent damage and hardship from other emergency situations as well. In addition to alerting the owner of threats from intrusions or robberies, alarm systems can also be designed to send out alerts for domestic malfunctions such as plumbing or electrical problems, fires, natural disasters and medical emergencies.

How Security Response Works 

Alarm Response Security Systems will continuously monitor a designated area to detect unwanted activity. They are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and require no time in transit before arrival. Advanced systems have motion sensors that, when triggered, send alerts to patrol guards carrying GPS mapping devices. When signaled, the guards are able to respond and interfere with disturbances to property in a matter of minutes. 

Alarm response security guards are specially trained to assess and tackle various alarm situations. In some cases it may be possible to combine emergency services with the local police, in order to have the maximum response to an impending threat. The employment of alarm response security can actually aid law enforcement in dealing with threats faster when a precinct is inundated with emergencies. 

Additional Benefits and Enhancement Options for Security Response Systems 

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance systems also known as CCTV (or closed circuit television) can play an important role in the overall security of a property and are available to enhance most  alarm response security systems. CCTV is most helpful in instances that necessitate insurance companies’ involvement, or when foul play is suspected and evidence is necessary in order to prosecute. 

Emergency Assistance

While preventing damage to personal property is the primary purpose, alarm systems can also provide security responses for people caught in emergency situations. Whether the danger is caused by a break-in or a medical emergency, cries for help may be more quickly answered through the use of alarm response security during times when local law enforcement is overwhelmed and cannot respond right away. 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Another great benefit for homeowners considering alarm response security services

is that insurance companies often offer lower premiums to those proactively securing their properties. When the chances of robbery and damage are reduced, overall premiums and property insurance are more affordable. 

Hiring a Security Company with Alarm Response Services

A reputable company should offer 24/7 monitoring, immediately dispatched vehicles, video alarm verification, SMS client notification alerts, satellite tracking, fire alarm monitoring and response, roadside rescue, and highly-trained, armed, and unarmed units that respond immediately.

At IGS, our alarm response service is swift, organized and allows for immediate mitigation and resolution of potential threats. Our staff is highly-trained, and we have excellent working relationships with local law enforcement. To learn more about The IGS Alarm Response Plan or how we can customize our plan to fit your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Call our Houston office at 281-822-6700 to arrange a consultation with our security professionals or submit our short proposal sheet and an IGS representative will contact you shortly.