Healthcare and Hospital Security Services to Ensure Safety

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most occupied public places in the United States, and as most healthcare facilities maintain an open-door policy, they are vulnerable to criminal activity if left unprotected. 

Benefits of Hospital & Healthcare Security Guards

Dedicated and responsible healthcare security guards play an imperative role in protecting the often large and complex facilities that so many rely on. From the patient, to the practitioner, guards are the behind-the-scenes heroes who ensure safety for those in already difficult situations. 

Preventing and Addressing Physical Violence

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that healthcare and social service workers face a serious risk of job-related violence. Trained security guards know how to deal with those who are angry and unmanageable and are able to de-escalate the situation by speaking calmly and giving the person options about what they should do next. Should de-escalation strategies fail, security guards can safely secure the angry person or evacuate them from the building. 

Controlling Disorderly Conduct

Physical violence is not the only worry to be addressed, even non-violent disorderly conduct can have ramifications. When patients or visitors act up or are hostile, it is essential to calm them down. Security guards ensure that this responsibility doesn’t fall solely on doctors, nurses, and other staff in the hospital. This means staff members are able to focus their efforts and energy on devotedly treating patients. With trained security controlling unfavorable behavior, patients of the hospital do not have to face unnecessary suffering.

Deterring Theft and Criminal Activity 

Vandalism and petty theft are common in hospitals and healthcare facilities, making it important to have tight security. The sight of security guards will deter theft while ensuring that attempted thieves are caught before they get away. Theft of medications is also a common problem in hospitals, which is a more serious crime. For issues such as this, you’ll want a security officer who has been properly trained to handle these specific situations. 

Unfortunately, child abductions are also a common occurrence in hospitals. Because there are so many people going in and out of hospitals, perpetrators are sometimes able to sneak children and infants out of hospitals undetected. Patrolling security officers will deter their efforts from the start, as well as provide an extra layer of protection for possible victims. 

Guard Restricted Access Hospital Areas

Certain areas of the hospital are off-limits to visitors, whether it be due to in-progress surgeries, or quarantined patients. Security guards ensure that hospital staff with the proper credentials are the only people who can enter areas of the hospital with restricted access. Guards can also monitor who enters and exits various areas in the hospital, maintaining safety and security.

Monitoring Entry and Exits

Security officers posted around entrances and exits let’s staff, visitors, and patients know that the premises are secure while also deterring crime. A trained security guard is much more likely to notice if a suspicious person enters the hospital. The guard will take appropriate measures to ensure safety, whether it be following the person, talking to them, or notifying other security to be aware. Guards will also keep an eye out for those who are not allowed in due to previous behavior or a dangerous possession. 


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