Why Security Services for Retail Stores & Shopping Malls is of Crucial Importance

Security Services for Retail Stores & Shopping Malls is of Crucial Importance

Shopping malls and retail stores have special considerations when it comes to designing effectual security strategies. Tenants, consumers, employees, walkers, and diners are more likely to be return consumers if they feel a sense of safety and security. Furthermore, unwanted incidents that could be prevented by security protection, might deter would-be customers from choosing your business.


Benefits of posting Security Officers in Commercial Centers and Retail Facilities.

IGS delivers unmatched security for your assets, property, and personnel. We use state of the art technology, continuing education, and site-specific training, to ensure competency in our workforce. Our dedicated and qualified security guards are specially selected and extensively trained to command and demonstrate respect. Alert, stationed officers play a critical role in safeguarding these often sizable, complex, and densely populated retail establishments. Officers on duty will establish the overall security of the premises, ensuring that customers and employees feel safe and secure.


Preventing Shoplifting and Foul Play 

Shoplifting is one of the largest security concerns in shopping centers, retail stores, and malls. In addition to potential unwanted upset and violence, it can create monetary losses for companies and business owners. Patrons will be far less likely to shoplift when our attentive security guards are stationed nearby. If officers suspect foul play, they will quickly and safely address the situation, while deterring future thefts and disruptions.


Dealing with Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Activity 

Shoplifting is not the only transgression a guard might face while on duty in a retail facility. IGS security officers are highly trained to monitor these areas for suspicious activity that could lead to physical violence or disorderly conduct. They are experienced in de-escalating problematic situations and addressing threats before they occur.  Especially during holiday seasons and other peak retail times, crowd control and mitigation will be essential to keep businesses running smoothly.


Emergency Response

While many stores have certain protocols and drills in place in case of emergency, untrained individuals often panic in high-stress situations. Security officers are trained to respond quickly and adapt to high-pressure situations. Their presence alone can reassure alarmed customers and incite calm responses.  


Additional Customer Service and Peace Of Mind

Security officers are great assets to retail businesses. In addition to ensuring a safe environment, they often greet customers, answer questions, give directions, and offer assistance, improving a customer’s overall experience. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your establishment is secure is invaluable. Your confidence in IGS security officers to keep the peace will give you all the ability to focus all of your attention on customer satisfaction.

IGS has the experience to handle the unique challenges of protecting employees, businesses, and property, while maintaining privacy and continuity in open environments. Our security company has the experience and ability to work with all levels and sizes of facilities, creating security programs that fit specific budgets, layouts, and security objectives.  Call our Houston office at 281-822-6700 to arrange a consultation with our security professionals or submit our short proposal sheet and an IGS representative will contact you shortly.