The Importance of Parking Lot Security

Up to 80% of crime that occurs in or on public facilities happens in the parking lot. Among the most common parking lot crimes are vehicle break-ins, vandalism, and muggings. If your clients or customers do not feel safe parking and walking to your facility, they are more likely to take their business somewhere else that does have adequate parking lot security. What does adequate security look like, and does it really make a difference?

Benefits of Having Parking Lot Security

Parking lot security plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the premises, as well as a first line of defense for your establishment. Visible, mobile guards create and preserve the environment of safety, preventing crime, and providing effective response when needed.

Deterrence of Theft and Vandalism

Even a well-lit lot can be a criminal’s playground, as lighting does not guarantee that everything happening will be seen. That’s where security officers come in. In addition to being a deterring presence at your facility and grounds with highly visible officers and marked patrol vehicles, security guards also provide vigilance and swift response to report and investigate suspicious activity or interrupt a crime taking place.

Promotes Driving Safety and Ensures Parking Lot Rules are Followed

Security guards can actively enforce parking rules and ensure your lot is used solely by your clientele and employees. And they serve as visible cues to encourage people to comply with the parking lot rules and be responsible for their actions. In addition to preventing crime, the presence of officers and marked security vehicles encourages drivers to stay alert and drive better in the parking lot. This results in fewer fender benders and injuries, and provides a safer place for people to visit.

Parking Lot Security Patrol Helps Create a Feeling of Safety 

People like to feel there is help available if they need it. While cameras can be an advantage, they can’t provide what your patrons want most when walking to their vehicles – to be seen, cared for, and protected. Officers on patrol bring a sense of security and provide assurance of quick and effective response should a situation arise. They also serve as a contact point for reporting concerns or problems, with quick access to both local law enforcement and facility management.  


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