Security Guard Company in TX

If you’re searching for a top-notch security guard company in TX, look no further than International Guard Services. We provide professional and reliable security guard officers throughout the state of Texas. Our security packages are customized to meet any budget, concerns, or situation. We work diligently to ensure your safety needs are met and that we are Texas’s number one security guard company for you.


Whatever customized security solution we provide, it will always include a professionally dressed, alert officer who commands and demonstrates respect, and effectively establishes security on your property.

Our security guard officers are selected based on their quality of character, level of experience and professionalism. We then provide each of our officers with continued education and site-specific training to ensure they are as prepared and readied for any situation in the field as possible. Depending upon your needs, we can provide armed officers, unarmed officers and off-duty police officers.

“I would highly recommend using International Guard Services. We are very pleased with IGS as they are well managed, extremely detail oriented, and a customer-focused company.”

-Jim Jones, Property Manager

“The staff is attentive to my needs, accommodates my requests and responds to my inquiries in a timely manner. They are friendly, professional and easily accessible. I have peace of mind knowing that IGS is monitoring and protecting our assets.”

– Lisa Tomich, Property Manager, HARTMAN REIT
We have had IGS on site here at Jyoti Americas for well over a year and a half and are pleased with the professionalism, service and commitment of their officers, day and night, 24/7 - no matter the time, weather or requirements of the job. They are effective, responsive and diligent.
-Patrick Martin, Jyoti Americas LLC


International Guard Services is built on three generations of security, investigations, and Texas law enforcement experience. We have consulted and trained security providers across the US and in other countries. Our clientele ranges from dignitaries to industrial facilities, and everything in between.


IGS provides state-of-the-art technology and attentive leadership to ensure our officers deliver unmatched security. We are dedicated to creating a positive work environment for our security officers and we provide continual training to develop quality professionals. As a result, we have loyal officers on our team, and an industry-low rate of attrition.


The following are only some of the industries that we provided security guard services for in Texas:

Commercial Office & Buildings – We provide security services for office buildings and commercial office parks. Our security officers will fully educate themselves on your building. In addition to maintaining the security of your building, they will also be able to both report any maintenance concerns and direct visitors to the appropriate location on your property.

Institutional & School Campuses – Having a security officer on these locations can help ensure the safety of your students. We know that on any institutional property or school campus, there are many assets that need protection, from expensive classroom equipment to the students and staff members themselves. IGS has a strong and dedicated team of security professionals that have knowledge and experience of handling security situations on school and institutional properties.

Healthcare & Hospital Facilities – We understand that hospitals and healthcare buildings are high-stress environments which generally have an open-door policy, making them vulnerable to criminal activity. Our security officials have experience handling the unique challenges of protecting patients, hospital staff and employees, and visitors on these properties.

Gated Communities – We know that Texas residents choose to live in a gated community because of the security, safety, and privacy that these locations offer. Maintaining that high-level of safety is our number one priority. While a gate is an excellent step towards protecting residents and visitors from criminals, a highly trained safety guard is essential to providing an additional layer of protection to any gated community.